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Wood County place names

Wood County place names / [by] Robert S. Rudolph. 
Madison, University of Wisconsin Press, 1970.
Description: ix, 121 p., map (on inside covers), 22 cm.

ISBN: 0299057038; LCCN: 77-121773; OCLC: 92602 (for paper copy, no record for digital copy)

Names, Geographical -- Wisconsin -- Wood County. 

Note(s): Bibliography: p. 114-121.

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Front cover. Front  inside cover is a map.
Front matter. Includes title page, verso, contents and preface. Pages ii and vi are blank and have been omitted from the web edition.
Pages  1  -   8. Includes abbreviations and place names A through Bearss  Marsh.
Pages  9  - 16. Includes place names Bearss Marsh P.O. through Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway.
Pages 17 - 24. Includes place names Chicago and North Western Railroad through Edwards Island.
Pages 25 - 32. Includes place names Eight Corners through Greenwood County.
Pages 33 - 40. Includes place names Grignon's Mill through Island, the.
Pages 41 - 48. Includes place names  J. R. Carroll's Addition through Maple Creek.
Pages 49 - 56. Includes place names  Maple Grove School through Nekoosa (1).
Pages 57 - 64. Includes place names Nekoosa (2) through Pors' First Addition.
Pages 65 - 72. Includes place names Portage County through Sampson Pond.
Pages 73 - 80. Includes place names Sand Hill through Tarbox Spur.
Pages 81 - 88. Includes place names Ten Mile Creek through Wisconsin Rapids Dam.
Pages 89 - 92. Includes place names Wisconsin River through Yellow River.
Pages 93 - 101. Appendices & Sources. Appendix I - The settlement of Wood County, Wisconsin: a historical sketch. 
Pages 94 and 102 are blank and have been omitted from the web edition.
Pages 103 - 109. Appendix II - The classification of Wood County place names.
Pages 110 - 113. Chart 1 - Natural features. Chart 2 - Artificial features.
Pages 114 - 121. Sources. 
Page 122 is blank and has been omitted from the web edition.
Back cover. Back inside cover is a map. Back outside cover is the publishers description of the work.

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