McMillan Memorial Library

Renovating the
Youth Services Room

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  • Youth ServicesNew entrance and remodeled desk
  • Comfortable seatingFor parents and siblings while children browse.
  • The books are back!All materials are now back in the Youth Services Room
  • Easy Reader / Early ReaderNew tables and chairs for this area.
  • Activity AreaThe carts host a rotating collection of interactive kits.
  • Picture booksNow in new lower units and divided by subject to make browsing easier.
  • Storytime areaA storytime / playtime area, created out of a former office.
  • New door to Children's GardenThis will lead to a fenced butterfly garden. The garden will be open after the sod has had a chance to setle in.
  • WoodTrust Bell Foundation GardenWill be open after the sod has a chance to settle
  • WoodTrust Bell Foundation GardenWill be open after the sod has a chance to settle
  • Window SeatOne of two twelve foot window seats.
  • Computer areaFunded by WoodTrust Bell Foundation.
  • Computer areaViewed from the Upper Lobby.
Youth Services1 Comfortable seating2 The books are back!3 Easy Reader / Early Reader4 Activity Area5 Picture books6 Storytime area7 New door to Children's Garden8 WoodTrust Bell Foundation Garden9 WoodTrust Bell Foundation Garden10 Window Seat11 Computer area12 Computer area13
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Since the Library opened at its current location in 1970, many parts of the library have been remodeled or renovated. The Upper Lobby, Adult Room and Commons have all been significantly altered and the main entrance has been moved. The Library has just completed a renovation of the Youth Services (Children's) Room.

The project includes:

The renovation is mainly completed, though some minor issues are being finalized.