Rural schools of Wood County, Wisconsin

Before the consolidation of school districts in 1962, rural students in Wisconsin attended small schools that were within walking distance of their homes. The Library is attempting to list and locate each of those Wood County schools. This is a challenging task, since many early records have been lost. Additionally, before 1915, schools were not named and only designated by their district number. Some schools were moved  to serve shifting populations, while others burned down or were replaced with new buildings. Several joint districts spanned county lines, so the building may have been located in another county. The number of schools varied, but there were 94 rural schools in 1914, though that may have included some village schools. Many locations are approximate and additional information is always welcome.

View Rural Schools of Wood County Wisconsin in a larger map, which includes an alphabetical / geographical listing. Green schoolhouse indicators mean the building is still extant.

Photographs - We are collecting photographs of rural schools, students and teachers.

Map of rural school districts in Wood County, Wisconsin 1930.

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