Board Game Challenge + Board Game Bonanza

REGISTER HERE for the Board Game Challenge! (Rules & Info below.)

Our Summer Board Game Challenge is for ALL AGES! Create your very own board game (or card game) and “showcase” it at our Board Game Bonanza on Saturday, Aug. 24th from 1:00-4:00pm. *Prizes for the crowd favorites!

Award Categories:

  • Special prize this year for Most Out-of-this-World Space-Themed Game!
  • Best Art Design
  • Most Potential
  • Most Original Theme
  • Coolest Mechanics
  • Most Silliest


Very Basic Guidelines & Info

  • Your game can be a board game or a card game.

  • Be Family-Minded! Keep your game content within an acceptable norm. Everything should be free of vulgarity and suggestive references.
    (Think - “Apples to Apples”-appropriate, not "Cards Against Humanity.")

  • We encourage you to create a demo/instructional video using McMillan Library’s Media Studio! This video will be posted on the Library’s Gaming YouTube Channel.

  • 3D printing specialty game pieces is a possibility, use our Media Studio!

  • Teams are okay! Design by yourself, or grab a friend or two. Creating a game together would be a great family activity!



How To:

Where to start? Right here! These are the basics of the entire game design process, complete with tips and ideas you may not have thought of.


Want more? This guy outlines the design process and has gathered tons of links for when you want dig deeper into game design.


Tips for writing instructions, if making a video isn’t your thing.


Not a beginner's resource, but Board Game Designers Forum is certainly comprehensive.



The Kobold Guide to BOARD GAME DESIGN

The game inventor's guidebook : how to invent and sell board games, card games, role-playing games, and everything in between

Game design

Maker projects for kids who love games

Journey to gameland : how to make a board game from your favorite children's book

Cool board games : crafting creative toys & amazing games

Board game builder : Milton Bradley



Board Game Bonanza at your library! You’ll get great ideas by playing games you’ve never tried. Drop in anytime from 1:00 to 4:00pm the first Saturday of each month, or check us out on YouTube and BoardGameGeek to get a peek into our collection.


Attempts to catalog every game published! 98,938 and counting!



Repurposing old game parts is the easiest way to make your game. Goodwill is a great place for old games if you don’t have one you want to use at home.


Everything you could want to know about making every part of your game!


If you decide that you were meant to be a game designer, maybe you’ll want to buy a DIY Board Game Kit that uses dry erase to design again and again.



Printers for self-publishing for personal use or retail.


Some games got their start on Kickstarter, like Exploding Kittens!


Some publishers accept submissions and might get your game into stores for you!

Board Game Challenge 2019