"Building Tension and Suspense in Fiction" with Susanna Calkins, Ph.D.

McMillan Library All Purpose Room

Building Tension and Suspense in Fiction
What’s going to happen next? How do we keep our readers feverishly turning pages? In this workshop we will explore the elements of tension and suspense, considering strategies for creating and heightening anticipation in your readers.  We will analyze passages from published works to examine how components such as pacing, expectations, obstacles, and emotions can build—or reduce—tension. Participants will also engage in several activities which are designed to allow them to apply components of suspense and tension to their own writing.

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Susanna Calkins has a Ph.D. in History and is the author of the award-winning Lucy Campion historical mysteries.  Find the first in the series, A Murder at Rosamund's Gate here.

Susanna Calkins photo