Children's Services

Last Stand & Dragon Farkle

Board Game Bonanza

Saturday, Mar 23 - 1:00pm
It's Farkle! With Dragons! Enjoy this new twist on an old classic. Also featuring Last Stand: the game where you get stronger the more you're losing. Saturday is a great day to play games, and you're... more

Pokemon League

Monday, Mar 25 - 5:30pm
Pokemon Trading Card Game League - All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome! Don't know how to play the game, but want to? We can teach you. Don't have a deck? Play with one of ours, or bring your cards and... more

Family STEAM - Technology - Day of Code

Tuesday, Mar 26 - 10:00am
The library will provide access to computers, spheros, etc. for you to learn coding skills. Since this is Spring Break week the program will run from 10 a.m. until 2:00 p.m... more

Family STEAM - Engineering - Build a Hexbug Habitat

Tuesday, Apr 2 - 6:30pm
Hexbugs are little robot bugs that bounce around on the ground. Teams will be using the materials provided to make habitats for the bugs. 

Family STEAM - Art - Dot Painting

Tuesday, Apr 9 - 6:30pm
We will learn a bit about Pointillism and aboriginal dot are before making our own masterpieces.

Family STEAM - Music - Family Dance Party

Tuesday, Apr 16 - 6:30pm
Dust off your dancing shoes and come boogie on down!

Family STEAM - Science - Exploring the Sense of Hearing

Tuesday, Apr 23 - 6:30pm
This week we will be exploring our sense of hearing through various science experiments and observations. 

Family STEAM - Technology - Coding: What We've Learned So Far

Tuesday, Apr 30 - 6:30pm
There will be a computer lab set up for families to play some coding games and continue to learn coding skills together. 

Family STEAM - Engineering - Paper Towers

Tuesday, May 7 - 6:30pm
Can you make a tower out of paper which can hold up a heavy book? We'll see!

Family STEAM - Art - Yarn "Painting"

Tuesday, May 14 - 6:30pm
Using colorful yarn and glue on foam board, families will have the opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art to take home.

Family STEAM - Math - Dice Games

Tuesday, May 21 - 6:30pm
We will have the dice games Farkle and YAHTZEE for you to try out.