Gingerbread Town- Foam Gingerbread Creations Competition

Foam Gingerbread Creations Competition


1st Place $100 USD*

 2nd Place $75 USD*

 3rd Place $50 USD*

 With Up to 3 honorable mentions who will receive their choice from the Teen Treasure Chest

Teens, celebrate the city of Wisconsin Rapids by creating a building from the city or your own imagination with foam sheets and a gingerbread house aesthetic. From the 10th of November till the 30th of November, Teens (aged 11 +)  are invited to use foam sheets, glue and anything else non-edible to create a 3-D awesome gingerbread house (or a library or a department of motor vehicles etc...) for the Foam Gingerbread Creation Competition with a theme of "Gingerbread Town".  Creations will be judged on their creativity, construction, neatness, and theme. This is a take home project. Foam sheets, glue, a card for a description and scissors will be supplied starting on the tenth of November while supplies last but participants can use their own supplies and are not required to use the free supplies provided. The top three creations will win Amazon gift cards or Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. The best in show will be displayed throughout December and January in the library.


  1. Participants or Teams must be at least 11 years old to participate (family teams are welcome)
  2. Participants or Teams can only submit one piece.
  3. All creations must be 3 dimensional
  4. The creation can not be any larger than 18” x 12” x 12” and can not be smaller than 3” x 3” x 3”
  5. Only non-edible and non-perishable items may be used in the creation
  6. Every creation must be labeled on the bottom with the contact name, phone number or email and title of the creation.
  7. Every creation must have a description of at least 25 words.
  8. Every creation must include foam sheets and have a gingerbread house aesthetic
  9. In order to submit your creation you must email Miss Alicia when you have completed it, so you can drop it off for display at the library.
  10. The eligibility of all entries is decided solely at the discretion of Miss Alicia.
  11. All entries must be submitted by 6PM on November 30th .
  12. After January 31st, 2021 all entries can be picked up by their creators until February 19th, 2021 where upon they will be deposed of at Miss Alicia’s discretion.

All questions should be submitted to Miss Alicia at this email.


*Prizes will be either a Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce gift certificate or an Amazon gift card, it will be the winner’s choice.

Miss Alicia