John Gorka in Concert

Renowned Minnesota folk singer John Gorka returns to our stage with his mixture of deep lyrics and effortless vocals, in a concert sponsored by the Mead Witter Foundation. 

A recent review on Huffington Post said "Rules of art were made to be shattered. When broken by accident, that’s gaucheness. When broken on purpose, well, that’s style. John Gorka’s technique breaks free from the rules of modern music.

“Since I began playing music, I’ve known what type of music I’ve liked,” says Gorka. “And it’s not the mainstream stuff. Of course, I’ve been influenced by the mainstream stuff. But I think of myself as something of an insider, and I have always felt that it was better to really strongly affect a small number of people, than to reach a big number of people only superficially or temporarily.”

With a tangle of songs that emotionally connect us all and leave a tender trace, John Gorka stimulates the cerebrum, keeps our smiles agile and fit and reconnects us with what really matters most in music: honesty. His atmosphere allows for the listener to feel his individualized attention, his lyrical tenderness, his care for the guitar and his true presence."