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McMillan has undertaken a number of projects that have generated both interest and documentation. We have collected presentations, written reports, articles and books by our staff below. They are in general chronological order, with the most recent items listed first.

Describes McMillan's implementation of a social commons, from WAPL 2015.

Describes McMillan's experience in using themes to organize the picture book collection, contrasting its decisions with those of Madison (WI) Public Library and Darien (CT) Library. This is an expansion of similar gene/ subject based organization used in McMillan's Adult Department and described in other presentations.




A November 2011 update on how to implement business practices in a library setting, with special reference to McMillan's experience with a Library Commons and a display oriented approach. Download for full speaker's notes.


Using self-service options as a strategy for dealing with tight budget times. Prepared and presented in Summer 2011. Download for full speaker's notes.

A look at various self-publishing and print on demand (POD) options available. Prepared for the Fall 2012 Wisconsin Writers Association conference. Download for full presenter's notes.


A Fall 2011 presentation of business practices in libraries, staff development and the importance of embracing change.

Libraries are experimenting with all manner of retail practices, but what works, how does it work and how well does it work? What kind of retail environments are appropriate models? How much does the library change to fit the practice, instead of the other way around?  McMillan Memorial Library examines its implementation of BISAC/genre displays, coffee and food service, Commons area and self-service options, offering lessons learned.  Presented at the Wisconsin Library Association convention, Fall 2010. Download for full speaker's notes.


 A look at McMillan's use of BISAC based collections to display new materials, while retaining Dewey and author shelving for older materials. This middle ground implements the best of retail display techniques while using a layered approach to non-current materials. The downloaded version includes speaker's notes.

McCabe, Ron. "The Library Commons." Voice of Youth Advocates 32, no. 4 (October 2009): 296-297.  This is a look at how McMillan has implemented a Library Commons to serve as a social space within the library. Sorry, there is no online version of the article at this time, but photos of the spaces described are online.

A presentation to the WISCNET Future Technologies Conference 2009 on using GoogleMap, Flickr and Print on Demand options in a public library.
Doing More with Less: the McMillan Experience


In 2002, McMillan faced severe financial stress. To minimize the impact on public services  both staffing and services were redesigned. This article originally appeared in the May/June 2007 issue of Public Libraries. It was updated in February 2009.


McMillan has adapted Richmond Public Library's concepts to develop a mix of display shelving and stacks suited to medium and large libraries.

Self-check, wayfinding, displaying material, BISAC categories all fit together to make a public library easy to use. A narrated PowerPoint presentation prepared for the 2008 PLA Virtual Conference. The narration is only available in the Downloaded version.

Self-Checkout at McMillan
The Library has moved to maximize self-service options.

Local History in E-Books and on the Web : One library's experience as example and model
 by Don Litzer and Andy Barnett. (from the Spring 2004 Reference and Users Services Quarterly). A peer reviewed article analyzing the value and impact of digitized local historical documents.

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Ronald B. McCabe is a former Director of McMillan Memorial Library and author of Civic Librarianship : Renewing the Social Mission of the Public Library  (2001).

Andy Barnett is the Director of McMillan Memorial Library and author of Libraries, Community and Technology  (2002).