Tinker Lab - Zine Makers

All Purpose Room & Digital Media Studio

Teens each month explore different ways to create on Thursdays in our Tinker Lab, located in the All Purpose Room and Digital Media Studio. For December, we'll be exploring the world of zines!

Use this month to create your own zine (pronounced “zeen”) with tools that we provide or bring your own! What is a zine? It’s a small handmade book, magazine or mini-comic. We’ll have a printing press available most Thursdays, our Silhouette cutter for vinyl and re-usable stencil making, Adobe InDesign and computer access, use our photocopier, collage materials, glue, and more. Finish your zine with a basic sewing technique used in bookbinding. Zines will be displayed in the library for the month of January.

Continue your projects!  The Digital Media Studio will be open everyday after school from 2:30-5:00pm.