Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories - pt. 2

McMillan Memorial Library

Part two of a two part program. At 1:30, McMillan will show the first two episodes of the WPT special Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories. Telling emotional stories that haven't been heard before, Wisconsin Vietnam War veterans recount their experiences in a three episode television documentary.

This is presented in conjunction with WISCONSIN REMEMBERS: A FACE FOR EVERY NAME–TRAVELING EXHIBIT from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum

Part two of the program follows at 7:00 pm and will include Episode 3 and a panel from the local chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America

Episode 3: Draw Down.  Though the war began to wane, dangerous missions continued against the North Vietnamese Army. Veterans recall scenes during the last major battles, where many lives were lost in the jungle terrain. Secret missions in Laos helped combat enemy threats against the Hmong population. As the U.S. began to pull back troops, thousands of refugees were evacuated and POWs were finally released back home.