Solar Project Donors

The Library's $420,000 rooftop solar array is nearly paid for. Viking Electric and its owner, Rapids native Scott Prahl, covered most of the cost up front.  The Library Endowment Fund made a down payment on the eventual purchase. An anonymous donor has pledge to match all contributions. That means we are aiming to raise the remaining $60,000 to finalize the purchase. We are currently over 20% of the way to that goal and to about 90% to the overall cost.

Megawatt donors ($1,000 or more)

Joseph & Guadalupe Ancel Roger & June Newman

Kilowatt Donors ($500)

Gary & Mary Ladick Ron & Deb McCabe
Tom & Judy Paul

Solar Panel Donors ($125)

Ah Dah Wa Gam Chapter NSDAR
William and Carol Allen
Susan Bovee
William and Nancy Brazeau
Douglas & Terrie Brown
Phil & Mary Brown
Jon and Colleen Clark
Clean Green Action Committee (2 panels)
Bruce and Doreen Dimick
Kevin, Tonia & Hanna Finbraaten
Dan and Wendy Henne
Kristen Henslin

Shirley Klapperich & Bill Clendenning (2 panels)
Scott & Pricilla Kellogg (2 panels)
Jim and Byrdie Koehntopp
Gary & Chris Kryshak
Marge & John KrznarichGregory & Pamela Nettesheim
Dr. Soren & Beverly Nywall
Ruta Pakalns
Rick Potter
Rick Potter in memory of Sandy Potter
Patricia Rasmussen
Beatrice Smith
Dan & Lisa Sullivan
John & Vicki Steiner
Pete & Nan Taylor













High Voltage Donors ($10, $25 or $50)

Alan Anhalt
Ila Jean Babcock
Merlin and Carolyn Bauer
Brad Boettcher
Robert Boyles
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brewer
Dr. John & Sandy Clark
Darryl & Joyce Clauson
Ellen Dahl
Mary Dahm in honor of Fred
Ilse Dietsche
Doris Drescher
Kay Enerson
Dan and Nancy Fara
David Farmbrough
Greg & Jennie Ferkey
Lillion Flaig
John & Rachel Frizzell
Donald Terry Genz
Dale & Marsha Glenzer
Thomas Gregg & Ellen Cree
Paul R Gross
Marjorie Hamann
Mary Jo Hane
Ken and Carol Hanson
Edwin Heller
Mike & Joy Honkomp
Ken and Sue Hopfensperger
Rita & Jim Janz
Gary & Winnie Jeffers


Ron & Char Karnatz
Richard & Sharon Kenney
Katie Killian
Mae Knuth
Donna Koszczuk
John & Clara Kubisiak
Denise & Loren Larson
Alex & Debra Lobner
William & Walaiporn Mohr
Caroline Mras
Dennis & Jana Nelson
Richard & Lori Parolini
David  & Marlis Patrykus
Allen Peterson
Candace Prahl-Tell
Nancy Quick
Albin Rucinski
Mary Schill
Edward & Erin Schmidt
Donald and Patricia Stein
Gregory and Sally Stelmacher
Randy Sweet
Duane & Beth Syens
Thomas & Elaine Taylor
Eola Timm
Dawn & Glenn Turner
Elliott Villeneuve
Eldean Walling
Shari Wheir
Elizabeth Whelan
Sheila & Michael Winegarden
Sallie Wylie
Shirley Zayla
Sue Zirnhelt