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Getting Started

Orientation appointments  are currently paused while we update our process to allow faster access for everyone.  

Orientation Link

After going through orientation you can book the Recording Studio by clicking the button below.

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Video Tutorials

The following are links to YouTube videos and user manuals to help you learn more about the programs.


Working With Audio

Intro to Logic Pro X 

Setting Up a Podcast

Recording Voice-over / Podcast Vocals

Recording Guitar in Logic Pro X

Midi in Logic Pro X

Music Theory

Working With Video

Intro to Final Cut Pro


User Guides

Roland Keyboard User Guide

Logic Pro X User Guide

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Audio Interface User Guide

Final Cut Pro User Guide


 Available In Makerspace Book Collection

Located on cart in front of the recording studio

Quick Start - Cheat Sheet Guide

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. Children under 8 must be accompanied by a parent. For the initial orientation children under 11 should be accompanied by a parent. 


Q. Can I do anything in the Recording Studio?

A. The Recording Studio should be used for audio/video recording, editing, streaming, playing instruments, or the like. If you are just looking to hang out, watch/listen to videos/music, or work on other things not related to the Recording Studio, we have Study Rooms and public computers available for your use. 


Q. Can I bring my own instrument?

A. Absolutely! Feel free to bring your own instruments or microphones to use in the studio.


Q. Can I bring my friends?

A. Someone who has gone through orientation can bring one other person with them. If you require more people for a project you can ask Colin or staff at the Information Desk. 


Q. The Recording Studio had junk everywhere and equipment left on...what's up with that?

A. The user before you didn't clean up before they left, which makes things more difficult for everyone. Please let us know if you find the Recording Studio is not clean when you use it, and please clean up any items you take out for the next person. Thanks! 

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The Studio @ McM features a recording studio suitable for recording music or voices.