McMillan Library Homebound Delivery Program

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McMillan Library Homebound Delivery Program

Homebound delivery service is the selection and regular, scheduled delivery of library materials by volunteers. If we do not have a volunteer that can deliver items to a patron, that patron may not be able to receive the service at that time. Patrons may receive up to ten items per delivery, but limits may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis as approved by staff. Selections will be made by staff according to the preferences of the homebound library user. Eligibility will be established when staff conducts a phone interview with the interested patron and/or we receive an application. Should the patron not have a library card, staff will assist the patron in obtaining one. The volunteer assigned will be available only to discuss reading selections and delivery during scheduled visits. They will not provide assistance with activities of daily living or advice on financial or personal matters.

Residency: To qualify for this free service, the homebound patron must live in McMillan Library’s service area. Once residency is determined, the patron will be issued a library card. The library card will be kept at the library. If patron already has a card, it will be renewed. If card has previous fines, depending on circumstances, the library reserves the right to collect fines before service begins.

Homebound Criteria: To be eligible to receive items for home delivery, the patron must be the following; 1.) Confined to their home due to prolonged illness, extended convalescences, or advanced age and have no household member available to get to the library for items. 2.) Have a temporary or permanent physical or mental disability that prevents them from coming into the library.

Delivery Schedule

Deliveries will be made on a monthly cycle. We’re sure you are a friendly, gracious host, but for the safety of our volunteers, they should not be asked into homes. Deliveries will be made to the front door. Volunteers have the right to refuse delivering items if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable upon the time of arrival at the patron’s house.

The volunteer will drop off the items and pick up the items that are due back at the library. If items need an extension of time, please call the library at 715-422-5136 and speak to our circulation staff.

Fines and Fees

There will be no late fees or fines on materials checked out through this program. Unfortunately, if items are damaged or lost they may incur fees and/or a discontinuation of service.

Materials Available

Patrons may receive up to ten items per delivery. Any circulating item may be borrowed by our homebound patrons. These items include books, books in large print, audiobooks, music CD’s, children’s materials, movies and magazines. Selections will be made by staff according to the preferences of the homebound library user. On occasion, we will prohibit circulation of high interest items, due to their normally shorter check out length. Only 4 movies per household may be checked out at a time. Only items owned by the McMillan Memorial Library are eligible to be sent to homes.