McMillan's Makerspace is an exciting new service that builds on our 130 year tradition. It supports our mission of strengthening the community through lifelong learning. The Makerspace is our newest resource for education and training, supplementing programs at local schools, MSTC and UW-Stevens Point. 

We created this 1,500 square foot space to inspire our community to explore their creativity by providing tools for projects in video, sound, photography, art, protoyping, robotics, electronics and automation, and prototype design. We provide fabrication tools in the form of a range of filament and resin 3D printers, a laser printer/etcher (Glowforge Basic) and a small CNC mill (Carvey) to allow people to create tangible objects from computer designs. Our design software builds on the curriculum at WRAMS, Assumption High School and Lincoln High School. It also provides an entry point for adults exploring classes at technical schools or universities. The makerspace doubles as a training and program space. McMillan also provides the Adobe Creative Cloud software loaded on the computers there. The training tables, computers, 3D printers and other equipment are all mobile, so that they can be used elsewhere in the Library. A full featured recording studio with a digital audio workstation and Logic Pro software completes the package.

How it works - To use a piece of equipment in the makerspace, one first watches an orientation video, then earns a badge (microcredential) by using that equipment to create a simple object. This will not be a barrier to those familiar with the equipment. For those new to the equipment, we provide links to educational videos and online classes, as well as regularly scheduled in-library programs. 

Though long planned, the makerspace is still under development. Be patient as we determine how to best grow this new service.