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Most of the Library's  online collection is hosted by Recollection Wisconsin

New Resources

Rural Schools of Wood County Wisconsin - An in-process map of all the rural schools in the county, compiled from plat books and school histories.

Major Resources

100 Years of Pictorial & Descriptive History of Wisconsin Rapids by T.A. Tayor (also known as The Tom Taylor Book) [1934-1939]. Taylor compiled over 400 photographs and then wrote a book providing details about them. He also included a history of the city  and a timeline of events through 1939.

Lumber Rafting The rafting of sawn lumber to market was once a common practice, especially on the Wisconsin River. We have gathered a variety of resources about this forgotten chapter in Wisconsin's history.

Malcolm Rosholt Collection. Malcolm Rosholt was a journalist in pre-WWII China, an intelligence officer for the Flying Tigers and the author of works on lumbering, railroads and pioneer times, focused on central Wisconsin. With his family's permission, eleven of his books about Wisconsin history, long out of print, have been digitized.

On-Line Books

Wisconsin Rapids

Wood County / Central Wisconsin

Other On-Line Books

Photographs & Postcards

  • Postcards (Young Collection) . Over 75 historic postcards. The local ones are geo-located on this Google Map mashup.

  • Vesper Photograph Collection. An annotated photo album of Vesper compiled by Marlys Steckler.

  • Miscellaneous Photographs. Images and photographs that do not fit in any of the above collections.

  • Postcards of Wisconsin Dells - Vintage cards of Fort Dells and other sites.

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