Rules of Conduct

McMillan Memorial Library
Rules of Conduct

The Board of Trustees believes that patrons of McMillan Library have the right to use Library materials and services without being disturbed or impeded by other Library users. Those using the Library are required to follow the general rules listed below as well as specific rules governing the use of particular services. Join us in maintaining a positive environment by respecting the needs of everyone using the Library!

1. Any behavior that is disruptive or which hinders use of the Library is prohibited on Library property. This includes, but is not limited to, loud or boisterous behavior, verbal or physical harassment, drunkenness, running, fighting, throwing objects, and blocking the Library’s entrance or other walkways. Library users may speak at normal levels on the lower level and in the Youth Services room, but are urged to speak softly in the Adult Services room, which is reserved for quiet study.

2. Tables and lounge furniture may not be moved to other locations. Do not put feet on furniture.

3. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, and drinking alcoholic beverages are not permitted on Library property. Beverages are permitted in all areas of the Library with the exception of the Fine Arts Center. Food is not permitted on the Library’s upper level or the Fine Arts Center.

4. Sleeping is not permitted in the Library.

5. Shoes and shirts must be worn in the Library.

6. Animals, except those used to aid persons with disabilities, are not permitted in the Library. Animals may not be left unattended on Library property.

7. Selling products or services and soliciting are permitted on Library property only when authorized by the Library Administration.

8. Taking surveys, asking people to sign petitions, distributing materials, and other similar activities are permitted on Library property only when authorized by the Library Administration.

9. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are on Library property. Children under the age of 8 must be attended by a parent or other responsible caregiver age 14 or older at all times while on Library property.

10. The violation of federal or state laws or local ordinances will not be permitted on Library property. Theft, vandalism, and mutilation of Library property are criminal offenses that will be prosecuted. The Library reserves the right to inspect all bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks, and other such items when staff members have reason to believe that this rule has been violated. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings that are left unattended.

Approved by McMillan Library Board of Trustees, May 1994.
Revised: February 2006, October 2009, May 2014.