Adult Room Renderings

Opening the 360 Virtual Reality Images: 

1.    Click on Links provided (These links sometimes do not work in Internet Explorer.  If the link only brings up a blank gray image, try using Google Chrome)
2.    Scan QR codes provided using a smart phone or tablet device

Exploring the 360 Virtual Reality Images: 

1.    Desktop Computer - After following the link, click and drag within browser on the panorama image to virtually explore the renovated Adult Room
2.    Smart Phone/ Tablet - Hold device up as if taking a photo (in landscape configuration) and physically turn left and right to virtually explore the renovated Adult Room

Optimizing 360 VR Image Use & Experience: 

There are many ways that these VR links can be utilized.  Here is one method that is very effective in marketing the proposed renovations that will help visitors understand the proposed renovations and allow them to immerse themselves within the “unbuilt” Adult room space.   
The attached Existing Adult Room Plan and Proposed Adult Room Plans call out the locations and direction to face for each VR View.  Signage can be placed within the existing Adult Room on adjacent shelves, walls, columns, or on the floor to call out these locations to Library Visitors and direct them with further instructions.  The sign at each location can include a floor plan of the space, the QR code corresponding to each VR view location, and brief instructions.  Visitors should be prompted to face in the direction indicated on the plan, hold their device up as if to take a landscape photograph, and then scan the QR code provided using their handheld device.  When the VR view opens, visitors will be able to pan around the new Adult Room space while simultaneously experiencing the existing space from the same vantage point. 

1- Lobby -

2- Makerspace -

3- Skylight -

4- Computers -

5- Individual Study -

6- Meeting -

7- Group Study -

There is also a photo gallery of these renderings.