Adding an Event to the Community Calendar

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Wisconsin Rapids Community Calendar: Best Practices

We at the McMillan Memorial Library host the community calendar using the Google calendars platform and have a dedicated webpage to the updated code. ( The code can be embedded on any website to display the most up to date calendar. The code will be updated as new calendars are added; the most recent date of the code is displayed at the top of the page.

This document serves to recommend some best practices when entering a new event on your calendar. These are steps that we have observed to be beneficial to community members, and that we would like to see on the calendar going forward to make the best experience for everyone. These best practices are optional guidelines; you can continue to be apart of the WRCC even if you choose to disregard these guidelines.

  1. Who is your audience? Your audience is no longer just your organization. Community members who are not familiar with your organization will see your events on the calendar. Please keep this in mind when creating your event at all stages of the process. An event titled “Movie” with no location, no time, and no description of the movie being shown will result in less people attending your event.
  2. Titles should be informational. “Meeting” is a bad title. What kind of meeting is it? Your title should provide enough information to entice someone who may be interested in the event to click on the entry and view more details about it.
  3. Date and time. Date and time are necessary. Keep in mind that certain calendars that are imported into the Google calendar will not display like your native calendar. For instance, and event that simply displays that it is happening on a certain day, without a specific time picked, may show up on the Google calendar as happening at 12am. When in doubt, check how the event displays in the WRCC and amend your calendar as needed.
  4. Include a location. Your event should include the location where it is being held. It’s best to allow Google to autofill your location if possible. This provides community members an easy way to navigate to your event.
  5. Describe. Describe the nature of the event. Provide as many pertinent details as you can; such as, name of the film or play, free or ticketed, contact information, outline of event or presentation, and specific location instructions like room number.