Face coverings are not required

Following recommendations from the CDC and local public health authorities, as of June 1, fully vaccinated visitors to McMillan are not required to wear face coverings. 

Face coverings and social distancing remain highly recommended for the unvaccinated and those with health conditions. Since our staff lack the ability to verify vaccination status, we will not be questioning patrons. These same rules apply to our staff. Some fully vaccinated staff will continue to wear face coverings to protect a family member or friend. Your safety and that of our staff remains our main focus.

McMillan’s ability to function through the pandemic was only possible because of the support we received from the community. We are, and will forever be, grateful for that support. 

It took time for us to get to this point and it may take time to feel comfortable with these changes. Disrupting or hindering use of the library is prohibited, as is harassment of our staff. Join us in maintaining a positive environment by respecting the needs of everyone using the Library.