Hot Trivia

Library Garden

Hot sauce lovers unite! In Hot Ones style, you must consume increasingly hot samples of sauce (on chicken or cracker) before each round of trivia questions. Trivia questions will be on a variety of topics. You may opt to quit and continue as a spectator if the sauces get too hot--you will retain all the trivia points that you already obtained. Most points at the end will win. You can continue to participate in the trivia unofficially, but you will not get official points. Random door prize drawings throughout the night!

This is an individual trivia challenge, unlike our usual team trivia. Team trivia will make its return after our building renovation.

We have a myriad of hot sauces to give away along with other great prizes! This event will be outdoors in the library garden, weather permitting. Questions? Email:

Registration Required (Opens June 7th) Registration Closes July 28th 12:00pm


Sponsored by:

The Patent Company: We like hot ideas as much as hot sauces