Local Musicians @ McMillan

McMillan's Fine Arts Center is available free to musicians and performers. The theater can be booked like our other meeting rooms and under the same conditions. The main limitation is that performances must be free and open to all, though practice sessions and rehearsals can be closed door. Lighting, basic sound and a Yamaha P22 upright piano are available. Full access to our sound system and lighting board requires a vetted sound tech to prevent damage to equipment. Groups are welcome to bring in their own portable sound system. If an event is hosted by McMillan, the event organizers are responsible for promotion. If McMillan chooses to co-sponsor an event, we will also publicize it. 

Our sound board has digital outputs. McMillan has video cameras for capturing performances. We have Mac-based editing software in the Makerspace. Make an appintment if you would like to use this equipment.

The two main sponsored groups are the Cowboy Union Jam (second Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm) and 4 on the Floor (first and third Tuesday at 1:00 pm). 

ARTS for ALL Choir Concert

Thursday, Aug 20 - 7:00pm
The Wisconsin Rapids ARTS for ALL Choir will perform. At 6:30, there will be a short reception supporting the ARTS for ALL Wisconsin exhibit. ARTS for ALL Wisconsin choirs are currently in ... more