One Room Schoolhouse Interviews


When McMillan Library applied for the LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) Grant to create our Digital Media Space, we included plans for community projects that we would complete using the funds and equipment purchased from this grant. To expand our Rural Schools digital collection and to create an inter-generational project by working with local Lincoln High School students, we decided to use our newly purchased sound recording and editing equipment to conduct a series of oral history interviews focusing on Wisconsin Rapids community members who attended a one room schoolhouse.

Thank you to the participants in this project! We are so thankful for their time and their willingness to share their stories with our community.

Interview # 1 - Charles Bruder, attended Tarr Valley School in Monroe County. Began 1st grade in 1938. Interview conducted by LHS student, Maggie Weiland. (34:03)

Interview # 2 - Anna Greeno and Linda Kappell (sisters), attended Crescent School in Arpin. Anna began 1st grade in 1944 and Linda in 1952. Interview conducted by LHS student, Reece Banta. (39:08)

Interview # 3 - Susan Treml, attended Mill Creek School in Sherry. Her mother, Margaret Cutler, was also her teacher. Susan began 1st grade at Mill Creek in 1959, then attended Pershing School in Sherry around 1962. Interview conducted by LHS student Zach Becker. (13:02)

Interview # 4 - Mary Martinson, attended Plank Hill School in Port Edwards. Began 1st grade in 1961. Interview conducted by LHS Student, Jorian Greenwood. (21:31)