S.T.E.A.M. Learning Kits

Thanks to the generous support of the Bell Family Charitable Foundation and WiLS the McMillan Memorial Library is now able to offer our community partners specialized learning kits. These kits are available to local organizations that support life long learning in our community. Each kit offers tools and curriculum in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music so you don’t have to expend your resources purchasing items you may use occasionally.

Each learning kit contains at least 5 literacy based activities. The activities have been developed by a broad spectrum of local and national educators. Kit activities will continue to develop as we get input from the field.
Since you know the people you are working with best you can always choose to use what you want and leave the rest.

Literacy Based:
Each kit contains items and activities built around 21st century workforce job skills. Each exercise lists literacy focuses on the program. Topics covered include the following literacy topics from the Partnership for 21st Century Learning.
• Collaboration and Teamwork
• Creativity
• Critical Thinking
• Problem Solving
• Flexibility and Adaptability
• Leadership
• Oral / Written Communication
• Technology Literacy
• Initiative
• Curiosity and Inquisitiveness
• Productivity
• Entrepreneurship
• Interpersonal Skills

Available Kits:

Science Kit -

Breakout Edu

Technology -

Circuit Playground

Engineering - 

Erector Sets

Art - 

Stop Motion

Music - 

Mobile Studio

Virtual Reality 











  • To check out a kit you must part of a local organization, school or government agency.
  • McMillan Memorial Library must have a signed agreement of responsibility for lost or broken equipment.
  • Organizations may only check out one kit at a time, schools may check out one kit per classroom.
  • Exceptions may be made with prior authorization on a limited basis.
  • The mobile computer lab is an exception to this rule.
  • To request a S.T.E.A.M. Learning Kit please fill out this form. 

These materials were made possible by funding recieved from