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[The following photos were taken by pioneer photographer H. H. Bennett as he accompanied the Arpin rafting operation in 1886. Additional comments and alternative versions of the photos below are from Arsene Louis Arpin's Mississippi Basin Pioneer. Alternative lithographs are from A Raftman's View of the Wisconsin River. Additional photographs are on Page 4.]

Wisconsin Raft - front-a-piece

photo374.JPG (126063 bytes) 

Dog House - Hotel Lane
[Men turning out of bunks on the Cook Float. Mike Lane, the Cook, nearest man, just crawling out. Original damaged photo and engraving from another source]

photo375.JPG (55549 bytes) 

Archie Young - Pilot
[Archie Young, Pilot and logging camp foreman for the Arpin Lumber Company. Zach Dugas, a cousin, in the background. Original damaged photo and engraving from another source]

photo376.JPG (111490 bytes)
River Scene Just Above Grand Rapids

photo376a.JPG (124026 bytes)
Copy of this photograph from another source

photo377.JPG (81037 bytes) photo377a.jpg (736927 bytes)
Drinking After a Heavy Pull  
[original damaged photo and lithograph from another source]

photo378.JPG (67960 bytes)

Working Off a Sandbar
[Handspiking (prying) off a sandbar. A heavy joint effort, all in a day's work. Original damaged photo and engraving from another source]

photo379.JPG (93722 bytes)  photo379a.jpg (817879 bytes)
Putting Down the Grousers 
[Original damaged photo and engraving from another source]

photo380.JPG (105103 bytes)

Running the Kilbourn Dam
[Shooting the Kilbourn Dam Rapids, with Mr. Bennett, photographer, as passenger. Name of pilot is unknown. Original damaged photo and engraving from another source]

photo381.JPG (121197 bytes)

The Camera's Story of Raftmen's Life on the Wisconsin,
The Crew 
[original damaged photograph and engraving from another source]

photo383.JPG (147788 bytes)
[Front row: Miles Daly, Corrigan, John (Jack) Starr, Jim Blow, Second row: Charles Oestrich, Jim Powers, Frank Brown, W.G. Gardner, Webster, Standing: Ed Welch, Levi (Lee) Ripley, Nels Dashneau, Jim Lynch, John Daly (bearded), Jim Aljoe, John Day, William Starr, Back row: Jim Brown, Pete Garseau, Joe Short and two unidentified men.  (Engel)]

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photo385.JPG (36659 bytes)
John Purvis

photo386.JPG (37613 bytes)
E. A. Arpin

photo387.JPG (47601 bytes)
James Gibson

photo388.JPG (25485 bytes)
B. R. Gogins [sic]

photo389.JPG (40495 bytes)
Sam Church

photo390.JPG (51355 bytes)
John Henry

photo391.JPG (35181 bytes)
R. S. Payne

photo392.JPG (81894 bytes)
L. M. Nash

photo393.JPG (26953 bytes)
A. B. Bever

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