100 years of pictorial & descriptive history of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin /  by T. A. [Theodore Asa] Taylor. Wisconsin Rapids, 1934 [- 1940]. 2 vols., illus.

Contents: Volume One, Pictorial Book. - Volume Two, Historical Book [cover title: Historical Wisconsin Rapids, 2nd Vol.].
Note: The only one copy of this title was produced. Author updated work through 1940.

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Volume Two - http://www.mcmillanlibrary.org/taylor/preface.html

Volume One - Pictorial Book

The Pictorial Book contains over 450 photographs and illustrations relating to the history of the Rapids area. The items are arranged by their original page number. The original captions are supplied.  Explanatory notes and other editor's notes are in brackets ( e.g. [note] ). See Some Notes on the On-Line Version for more details.

Volume Two - Historical Book

The Historical Book includes a history of  the Wisconsin Rapids area, a chronological listing of important events and descriptions of the items in the Pictorial Book. The editor has divided the Chronological Sketch and Pictures in the Album sections for ease of use.

Memorial Boulder  
Chronological Sketch 
    Part 1 (1787 - 1882)
    Part 2 (1883 - 1924)
    Part 3 (1925 - 1939)
Pictures in the Album  
    Part 1 - Local history arranged by subjects.
    Part 2 - Local history continued.
    Part 3 - Local history continued.
    Part 4 - An account of the 1931 State Band Competition held in Wisconsin Rapids, including a complete roster of the Wisconsin Rapids High School band and orchestra.
    Part 5 - Taylor gives his view of evolution and describes local flora.
    Part 6 - Accounts of frontier life in Wisconsin.
    Part 7 - Logging in Central Wisconsin, with a focus on the last raft of lumber to leave Rapids in 1888.
    Part 8 - Additions made by Taylor between 1934 and 1940, including some biographies.

Map Version

The Map Version uses Google Maps to show where the locations depicted in the Pictorial book are located. Text from the Historical Book is included for many locations.

Editor's Additions

Index to Volume One - A subject index to Volume One (Pictorial Volume), with additional indexes to individual portraits, group portraits and individual houses.
Table of Contents  - A list of the headings in Volume Two (the Historical Book) as compiled by the editor using Taylor's original headings.
Biography of T. A. Taylor - A short biography of the author as compiled by Don Litzer.
Some Notes on the On-Line Version

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