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Rear Standing - Severe Biron - Glepke - ? - Gus Frank - Francis Biron - ? - Wm Klug - ? - Jim Dumaid ?.?.?.
Next row down - first two not named - Chris Olson - ? - Ed Johnson - next beyond post - Joe Rayome - Frank Brazeau - Jim Shearier - ?.?.
Front Row - Premo or Barjois - Mose Blair - Dumais - small boy - Archie Young - Sherman Cleveland - next three not named - Archie Shearier.
Severe Biron and his crew. This was taken on the south porch of the Biron Dwelling (now office of the paper co). This was when Biron Saw Mill was operating and about 1885.

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Stagecoach on the Eau Claire - Black River Falls Line

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[Logging Crew]

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Map of Railroad Survey

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A group of young people at Lake Emily 
during the summer of 1888.

Front row - Paul Fountaine - Chas. Spencer - Dean Philleo - George Corriveau - Fred Kruger - Walt Wood.
Next row - Belle Mosher - standing - Jennie Webb - Emma Smith - (?) - Laura Biron - seated Buelah Cochran - Celia Compton - Stella Jackson - Clara Webb - standing back Nellie Bell - Maud Thompson - Bert Mennett - visitor - Leonore Mennett - Georgina Arpin - Laura Reeves - Cora Pratt - Emma Bellows - standing next Dennis Bishop - in rear of "visitor" Chas Kipp - Ed Brundage - Tom Taylor - Belle Raymond - Lou Woodworth - Alex Zenier

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[American War Mothers]

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Index - Whitney

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The Country Store as a Social Centre by A. B. Frost

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The Auction at the Farm by A. B. Frost

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The Town Meeting by A. B. Frost

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When the Circus Comes to Town by A. B. Frost

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American Legion Drum Corps at Wisconsin Rapids has new uniforms and here are Elmer Christensen (left) and F. J. Beadle. [Milwaukee Journal]

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American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps, Inc.
of the Chas Hagerstrom Post No 9
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Back row reading to right: Bernard Garber, Lee Huffcutt, Orbey Belter, K.J. Hubbard, Von Holiday, Alvin Marks, Leland Kaud
Second Row: Reinhold Zie, Barry Sornsen, Grant Jacobs Jr., Wesley Frits, Jim Gibson, Grant Jacobs Sr., T. F. Frier, Dewey Lockwood, Rishard Kellogg, Bernard Ziegler.
Front row beginning with color bearers on left: 
Frank Rickman, John Podratz, Wm. Lust, Elmer Christensen, Andrew Schill, Fred Burt, Wesley Eberhardt, Floyd Lutz, Arnold Driscoll, Ervin Hinkley, Archie Gleue, Jessie Powell, Emma Mae Gibson, Wm. Harcourt, Wm. Pribbanow

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