Youth created mural at McMillan

Wood County Youth Program mural beginning

The Wood County Youth Programs painted a mural at McMillan Library over a two week span in April.  The mural, next to the butterfly garden entrance in the children’s section, depicts native Wisconsin butterflies, plants, and pollinator insects like monarchs, swallow tail butterflies, beebalm, milkweed, and bumblebees. The mural was completed in a paint by number format. ADP case manager and mural project leader Libby Conway sketched the original image.  16 youth, ranging in age from 10-17, helped paint the mural along with 11 other staff members. The goal of the project was to involve youth in a creative activity that would transform the space, instill a sense of pride in their work, and deepen their connection to the community and McMillan Library. Take a peek at the mural from concept to details, then stop by to check out our beautiful new mural!