Learn about Renovating the Adult Room

When McMillan opened in 1970, the Adult Room was a hub of activity. The card catalog and reference collection were there, as was an LP vinyl listening station. Students used the Reader's Guide to find magazine articles for homework. Almost fifty years later, the large (10,800 square feet) space needs to be repurposed to meet new community needs.

The flooring in the room dates from 1992 and is in need of replacement. Since all the furniture would be moved out of the room for that, it was time to examine how to best use the entire space. In late 2018, the Library Board selected the architecural firm of Engberg Anderson to guide a community-based design process. 

After a community survey and a series of four public and staff workshops, Engberg Anderson presented their final report to the Library Board on May 1 in a public meeting. Final Report - Appendices. The preliminary plans call for:

  • Moving the Makerspace from its cramped quarters on our lower level to a larger space just off the Upper Lobby. 
  • Adding a medium sized meeting room (10-25 people).
  • Creating two group study / work rooms (3-5 people).
  • Creating three small study / tutorial rooms (1-2 people).
  • Designating a quiet study area.
  • Shifting collections to make more seating / tables along the large windows that line the room.
  • Updating the skylight by removing the wood latticework.
  • Replacing the worn carpet, repairing the damaged walls of the skylight, updating the HVAC, refinishing the walls and removing mismatched ceiling tiles.

After reviewing the report, the Library Board decided to include renovating the Fine Arts Center (theater) in the project, since it faced similar issues. On May 15, 2019, the Board voted to seek funding for the project. McMillan is now taking preliminary steps for a capital campaign.

Adult Room Renderings - see what the redesigned space would look like with 3D and VR renderings.

Photo Gallery of the renderings.