Index to Volume One

Taylor compiled an index to the Pictorial Volume (Volume One). The editor has expanded that index and linked the entries to the pages containing the items. There are listings for Individual Houses, Individual Portraits and Group Portraits at the end of the Subject Index.

Subject Index

Aerial Views: (see also Bird's Eye Views): [Downtown Wisconsin Rapids]; [Dam and Spillway]; [River and Bridge]; [Lincoln High School]; Camp of 15th Observation Squadron; Squadron Officers [15th Observation Squadron]

Ahdawagam Co.; Ahdawagam [factory]

Airport: Airport Nepco Monoplane; Airport Dedication

American Carbonic

American War Mothers: [American War Mothers]; [War Mother's Memorial]

Automobiles: Hirzy Auto

Baker Mortuary

Bands: [Marching Band]; Marching Bands [contest]; Twin Cities Band - Grant White; I O O F Band; Bliss Band; Twin City Band - E. Lambert; American Legion Drum Corps; [Parade]; American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps, Inc; [Marching Band - Cranberry Festival]; [Marching Band]; Color! High School Band Players at State Music Festival Have It

Belanger Store

Bird's Eye Views (see also Aerial Views): Bird's Eye View; Looking East from Witter House 1905; Looking west from Wood Block; Bird's Eye View of the City of Grand Rapids Wood Co. Wis; From Howe School 1933; Bird's Eye View of Grand Rapids1902

Biron: Biron Mill; Severe Biron and his crew

Boy Scouts: [Boy Scouts]; Boy Scouts; Mess Hall [scout camp]

Bridges: Toll Bridge;  Second Bridge;  West End BridgeBridge; West End Bridge; C. and N.W. RR Bridge; Mocassin Creek Bridge; [Bridge 1938 Flood]

Bulls-Eye Club

Camping: Forenoon at 'Camp Biron'; [Camp Scene]; A group of young people at Lake Emily during the summer of 1888.

Centralia Hardware Company 1907

Centralia Mill

Churches: Immanuel Lutheran Church; First Congregational Church; Catholic Church; Priests; SS. Peter and Paul; Notre Dame Convent; St. John's Episcopal Parish; First Moravian; Christian Science; St. John's Evangelical; M.E. Church; Methodist Church; Evangelical Lutheran Zion; Baptist Church; St. Lawrence Church and School; St. Lawrence Parsonage; St. Paul Lutheran Church; Trinity Moravian; Seventh Day Adventist; Deceased Parishioners; Members of the Congregation since 1857

[Church's Drug Store & Carriage]

Circus: Ringling Bros.; Ringling Bros.

City Hall

Consolidated Papers Inc (Consolidated Water Power and Paper): Consolidated Office; Interlake Mill; [Consolidated]; [Consolidated Spillway and Dam 1938]; [Consolidated Foundation]; [Hydro Plant]; [Mill 9-20-37]; [Hydro Plant]; [Mill]


Cranberry Festival: [Cranberry Queen on Float]; [Queen's Court?]; [Marching Band]

[Gross Brothers]

Dairystate Cold Storage


Eau Pleine Reservoir: State of Wisconsin Showing Proposed Power developments in the Wisconsin River Valley; Proposed Storage Reservoir in Big and Little Eau Pleine River Valleys. May 1, 1933; [Sheeps - Root]; [Eau Pleine Construction]; [Oshkosh Hauler]; [Dam Construction]; [Open Spillway]

Elks Club

Ellis Lumber Co.

Fey Publishing Co.

Fire Department and Fires: Fire Company; [Fire]

First National Bank

Fishing: Forenoon at 'Camp Biron'

Frost, A. B. (prints by): The Country Store as a Social Centre by A. B. Frost; The Auction at the Farm by A. B. Frost; The Town Meeting by A. B. Frost; When the Circus Comes to Town by A. B. Frost

Funerals: First Military Funeral

Flowers and Gardens: Mead's Formal Garden; Flowers; Flowers

Girl Scouts: [Girl Scouts]; Girl Scouts; Mess Hall [scout camp]

Golf: Bulls-Eye Club

Grand Rapids Milling Company; Grand Rapids Milling Company

Home for the Aged


Hotels: Rablin House; Roche House; Dixon House

Hunting: [Deer camp]

Jackson Mill

John Edwards Mill

Johnson Hill: Johnson-Hill; Johnson-Hill


Krohn and Berard

Lefebvre Bld.


Logging: Camp 1 of the Grand Rapids L. Co.; [Horse drawn lumber]; [Camp scene]; [Logging Crew]

Lutz Brewery & Court House

Mack & Spencer

F. Mackinnon Mfg. Co.

Magnolia House

Maps: Map of Railroad Survey

Masonic Hall

McKercher Milling Co.

Mead-Witter Block

Memorial Boulder

Montgomery Wards (see Nash Hardware Block)

Moore's Shop

Nash Hardware Block: Nash [Hardware Block Remodeling]; Nash [Hardware Block Reopening]

Native Americans: Canoe Building at Pappers Island; [Scaring Crows]; [Longhouse]; A Winnebago Village; [Arrowheads]; Ojibwa Indian Women Gathering Wild Rice; [Snowshoes]; Treaty with the Menominee 1836; Landing of Nicolet; Index - Whitney

Neeves Mill; Neeves Mill

Nekoosa: Nekoosa

Nekoosa Mill: Nekoosa Mill

Oberbeck Bros.

Organizations, Clubs and Societies (see also Bands, American War Mothers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts): Rebeka Officers; Masonic Hall; St. John the Baptist Society

Parade (1931): Memorial Day 1931; [Marching Band]; [Boy Scouts]; [Girl Scouts]; Battery Armistice Day 1931[National Guard]; Color Guard and Colors [1931 parade]; Floats July 4, 1930; First Military Funeral; [Parade]; [Cranberry Queen on Float]; [Queen's Court?]; [Marching Band]

Parks: 1890 Lyons Park; 1934 Lyons Park; Legion Park; Legion Park [swimming pool]

Pioneers: A First Settlement; Landing of Nicolet

Port Edwards: Port Edwards Drive

Port Edwards Mill

Post Office: Former Site P.O.; Post Office

Prentiss-Waber Products Co.

Rablin Mill

Rablin Mill Pond - Early Day series

Rafting: Last RaftDog House - Hotel Lane; Archie Young - Pilot; Drinking After a Heavy Pull; Working Off a Sandbar; Putting Down the Grousers; The Camera's Story of Raftmen's Life on the Wisconsin, The Crew [Bennett]; [Crew]

Railroads: [Depot with Buses]; C. and N.W. RR Bridge; Map of Railroad Survey; [Grand Rapids Depot]; [Hiawatha]

Ringling Brothers Circus: Ringling Bros.; Ringling Bros.

River Block

Roenius Foundry

St. John the Baptist Society

Sampson Canning Co.

Schools: Old Lincoln; Lincoln; Field Gate; Old Lincoln; Three Schools; New LincolnSt. Lawrence Church and School; St. Paul Lutheran School; Irving School; [Howe High School Building]; Howe School; East Side Lutheran School; Centralia High School; Lowell School; Emerson School; Edison School; [Lighting System at Field]

Sherman Rock/Consolidated

Sheriff House

Ships: [Ellen Hardy]

South Side Hydro

Sports: Fire Company Game[Lighting System at Field]

Stagecoach on the Eau Claire - Black River Falls Line

Street Scenes: Town in 1870;  River Bank; First Ave So.First Street; 1934 First Street; First Street No; 1894 Flat Iron - 1st & 2nd Street;  1934 Flat Iron1934 Second Street No. E. End of Bridge; Corner E. Grand Ave and Third; Corner E. Grand Ave and Third; Old Bank Corner; Cor. Second and E. Grand; Cor. Second and E. Grand; Wood Co. Bank Corner; 1935 Daly Corner; 1905 Daly Corner; 1935 Corner Oak and Second; North First Street; Third Street So 1934; Third Street So 1895; Vine Street; East Grand Ave; West End Bridge 1912; West End Bridge ; Between 2nd & 3rd AveWest Grand Ave; Dixon House 1895 (Street); [Viaduct ]; [Wall 1939]; [Shell Oil Station]

Swimming Pool: Legion Park [swimming pool]

Taylor, W. L. (prints by): A Trading Station on a Far Western Trail by W. L. Taylor; President Lincoln's Call for Volunteers by W. L. Taylor

Twin City Brewery

Water and sanitation system: West Side Water Works; 16th Street Station; [Sewer]; [West Side - Sewer]; Third Street Pumping Station; [Surveyor's Stone]

Wipperman Factory

Wisconsin National Guard: Battery Armistice Day 1931[National Guard]

Wisconsin Rapids Clothing

Wisconsin River: River [View from the Swimming Pool]; Rapids; Ice Jam 1888; West Bank; East Bank; Flood 1935[Flood 1880]; River Wall; Without Wall[River]; Island, 1896; River View; 1890 Lyons Park; 1934 Lyons Park; 1896 View [river]; 1896 Cows; C. and N.W. RR Bridge; Yellow Banks; Wing Dam; Legion Park; Panorama [river]; [Ellen Hardy]; River Views; River Scene Just Above Grand Rapids; [River Wall 1939]; Keelboat; [Bridge 1938 Flood]; [River View 1938 Flood], Log Boom Piers, Old Dam [Across river from Lyon's Dam]

[Wisconsin Theatre]

Wood Block

Wood County Court House: Court HouseLutz Brewery & Court House

Wood County Normal

Wood County Telephone

Wood Drug Store

Individual Houses

Dudley Dwelling
[Farris House]
Jackson Home
Peter Love Cottage
Stanton Mead's
T. E. Nash Home ; [Gateway]
Taylor Cottage
Webb Home

Individual Portraits

Alexander, L. M.
Arpin, E. A. 
Bever, A. B. [Albert Baptiste]

Briere, C. E. 
Brundage, E. B. 
Church, Sam 
Daly, John 
Edwards, John 
Farris, John 
Fisher, W. J. 
Fontaine, A. L. 
Fontaine, Paul 

Garrison, F. 
Gibson, James 
Gogins, B. R.  [Goggins]
Henry, John 

Hougen, Claredona K. 
Howe, Lyman 
Johnson, N. 
[Mackinnon, Falkland ]
McDonald, R. A. 
Mead, Geo. W.
Mead, Ruth E. 
Nash, L. M. 
Nash, T. E. 
Nason, Callie 
Neeves, George 
Payne, R. S.
Philleo, D. B. 
Philleo H. B.
Philleo, I. E. 
Purvis, John 
Rablin, John
Reeves, Seth 
Rossier, E. B. 
Sampson, H.S.
Scott, Thos. B. 
Steele, G. F. 
Strong, Moses McClure
Taylor, T. A. 
Whitney, Daniel 
Witter, J. D.; Witter, J.D. 
Wood, F. J. 
Wood, G. N. 
Wood, Joseph

Young, Archie - Pilot

Group Portraits

American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps, Inc
[American War Mothers]

Bliss Band
Deceased Parishioners

[Deer camp]
A group of young people at Lake Emily during the summer of 1888.
Hirzy Auto
I O O F Band
Members of the Congregation since 1857

Park Board
Rebeka Officers
St. John the Baptist Society
Severe Biron and his crew
Twin Cities Band - Grant White
Twin City Band - E. Lambert

Witter House Group